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How to Find Time To Train for a Triathlon

We all struggle with how to find time to train for a triathlon, right? Let's face it, training requires a lot of time and effort. Many of you have families-spouses, kids, and all the responsibilities that come with that. You want your race but you want your family life to run smoothly too. I TOTALLY get it. So here is my BEST advice for making it all work and fitting in your workouts into your busy life!

1. Make GETTING UP EARLY your friend. Vow to get to bed one hour earlier than usual without question. You will learn that pretty much nothing can stand in the way of 5:30am. You are way more likely to lose a workout if you plan it at the end of the day because too many priorities can easily take over throughout the day and before you know it, that end of day time slot is gone. SO GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED EARLY!

2. Focus on QUALITY, not QUANTITY. If you are pressed for time, focus on the main set of the workout with maybe a slightly shorter warm up or cool down. In other words, get to the meat of the workout if you have to, although be sure to do some sort of warm up and cool down to prevent injury.

3. Tell your family your race is important to you. Once they know this, they will most likely be more accommodating. My kids and husband know that Saturday morning is when I do my long ride. Most of the time it is when they are sleeping anyway, but they know I am riding until at least 9:30 or 10:00am.

4. Consider hiring a coach. I did this for my very first race and it really taught me a lot! I had no clue what to do or in what order, what days, HR training, etc. This was game changing for me and it really set me up for success. My coach wanted to know about every single workout in detail and it kept me accountable and motivated. Need a coach? Then click HERE to hire one now!!

5. Use an online training log such as Training Peaks or Addaero to log your workouts and view summaries of your training week. I am using Addaero right now and it is great for holding yourself accountable! You can set up notifications to email you your workout for the day and to let you know if you have incomplete workouts.

6. Keep the end result close by at all times. Want a podium finish? Then envision that result often. Put a picture of this on your mirror or refrigerator to remind you what you are striving for. Don't allow negative thoughts to overwhelm you. Remember, there is always someone busier than you who is getting their workouts in.

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