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Why You Need a Come to Jesus Meeting with Your Coach

This is why you need a come to Jesus meeting with your coach:

So I think that I have a lot going on with training clients at my house, teaching my classes, running an online nutrition business from home, and trying to get Triathlon coaching clients. That and 2 kids, husband, dog, and just a busy life in general. So by Friday last week I was feeling pretty maxed out with all of that and training for this year's races which mean a lot to me. So I was telling my coach (YES, I am a coach and I also HAVE a coach) how hard it was to feel rested and that by the end of the week I was completely DONE and felt like I couldn't do another thing. Ya know what he said? "Mary, you aren't even really training that hard yet."

Silence on the phone. I wanted to argue with him and tell him how hard I am working and that I have a lot going on. But then I think back to my WHY for doing all this. The reason is this: There is absolutely NO reason why Mary Timoney can't be on Team USA next year and go to the World Championship race in Europe. That is my WHY. So my coach is telling me that the women competing at that level of racing are WORKING THEIR ASSES OFF WITHOUT WHINING. They are doing what their coach tells them to do with a good attitude and no complaining.

I coach and train people all day for a living and I too notice the ones who make shit happen without complaining and the ones who don't want to go outside when it's 60 degrees out. So in order to separate yourself from the athletes who are 17th in the age group or 1st in the age group you must DO THE WORK. Show up every single day, on time, with a good attitude and be COACHABLE. That means be willing to be coached. MYSELF INCLUDED.

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