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Owning My Own Fitness Business

See this park behind me? There is a story behind this park. A few years ago I had the idea that I could have my very own fitness business. So I started a boot camp here and ran it for a few years. I have trained dozens of clients here at this park. In May I went ALL IN on my own business and it I gotta say it was pretty scary. Lots of unknowns. I LOVE owning my own gig and making all the rules. Deep down I know that I can make it work. Sometimes I come over here by myself and create my own HIIT workout and use all these benches, trees, skateboard ramps, and run around the basketball court. I love to workout outside. I do it every chance I get. Have you thought about your goals for 2018? They say that if you love what you do you will never really work a day in your life. I guess I am not working then. If you want to get BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER, or just take your fitness to the next level then you know where to find me.

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