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3 Ease Back Into the Pool Workouts

It’s been a long March, April, and May. So much has changed for people in so many ways after enduring a Pandemic. And it may not be all over just yet. Meanwhile, states are trying to pick up the pieces by slowly and safely re-opening gyms, restaurants, nail salons and pools. I don’t think I have had this many non-swimming days since 2007 when I first became a triathlete. For some of you the pool is now open for lap swimming while others are still in dry land mode for swim training. Eventually you WILL get back in the water, and I optimistically look at that date as closer rather than further away. So as you re-enter the pool, remember, it’s not about how fast or how far; it’s got to be about getting re-acquainted with the water in your own time. For some of you that may means several weeks of “easing back in” and others maybe a few months to build back your base. Give yourself grace. It’s not going to happen overnight. Every swimmer is in the exact same boat as you, so don’t worry about the competition on an even playing field. We’ve all lost some fitness in the water and so be it. Keep an open mind and look at it as a fun challenge rather than a roadblock.

So as you ease back into the water, I present you with 3 workouts designed to get your feel for the water back one step at a time. I incorporated several pieces of equipment, familiar drills, and relatively low key main sets so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Take these and make them your own, change them up as you see fit. My goal here is to make you feel comfortable in the water again without rushing or feeling like you have to crush it on day one.

Have you thought about working with an experienced coach for your next race? If so, drop me a message HERE and tell me about your race goals!

Swim 1800 Warm up: 400 easy freestyle Drills: 6X50 high elbow fingertip drag drill

Main Set: 800 freestyle done as

*50 pull, 50 kick, 50 easy, 50 fast; @15 sec rest

*200 moderate @15 sec rest

*50 pull, 50 kick, 50 easy, 50 fast @15 sec rest

*200 moderate @15 sec rest Cooldown: 300 freestyle easy pull

Swim 1500 Warm up: 300 done as 3X [75 swim/25 non-free]

Drills: 8X25 @ :15 rest (descend stroke count 1-4, then again on 5-8)

Main Set:

4X50 @ :20 rest (25 backstroke/25 breaststroke) 300 straight swim easy to moderate pace 8X25 @ :15 rest (kick with fins) 8X50 @ :20 rest (25 free/25 non-free)

Cooldown 100 easy free

Swim 2100

Warm up: 200 Freestyle Drills:

200 Kick without fins 200 Pull (paddles optional) 100 Freestyle 100 Kick with fins 100 Pull (paddles optional) Main Set: 6X50 Easy @:15 Sec Rest;

2X100 Descend @:20 Sec Rest;

4X50 Easy @:15 Sec rest;

2X100 Descend @:20 Sec Rest;

2X50 Easy @:10 sec rest Cooldown: 200 Choice Swimming

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