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Don't Make Resolutions; Make it a LIFESTYLE

It's the NEW YEAR. Most people ate too much, drank too much, and let their fitness go to CRAP in the month of December. So all of a sudden it's time to turn over a new leaf and make a drastic change in their health and fitness. This is a tough way to go about things, believe me I have seen it. It's VERY hard to get going again when you take time off from your workout routine. My advice: DON'T STOP IN THE FIRST PLACE. The New Year doesn't have to be a major change or a huge obstacle to get over.

Have you ever thought about just making it a LIFESTYLE?

Instead of falling off the wagon, STAY ON even when it's hard. This way, you aren't faced with the dread of having to start completely over. Commit to working out 5 days a week in 2018. If you are pressed for time, there are a lot of options out there! The trend in fitness right now is SHORTER, more effective workouts for busy moms, dads, professionals, etc. There are ZERO EXCUSES for getting a workout in in the year of 2018.

You may want to check out Beachbody ON DEMAND- there are DOZENS of shorter workouts such as T25, 22 MINUTE HARD CORE, Insanity Max 30, etc. You can actually stream any of this stuff to your smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Many people set up their workout area before going to bed, have their gym clothes, shoes, socks and equipment all ready and just hit PLAY in the morning! This is a GREAT way to get in a workout before starting your day. Want to try this program? Then click HERE!

People who workout in the morning are WAY MORE LIKELY to stick to it than those who save it for the end of the day! There isn't much that can distract you from your workout at 5:30am!!

So in 2018, I want you to think about making your health and fitness a LIFESTYLE, not a chore!! Never stop your routine and you'll never have to start it again!

Need a PERSONAL TRAINER for some accountability and motivation? MESSAGE ME!!

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