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Why I Love the Rowing Machine for Swimmers

Here’s why I like the Rowing Machine for swimmers:

  1. Swimming is a pulling motion and the rowing machine reinforces that. Just like in swimming there is a catch phase, a pull (drive) and recovery phase.

  2. The rowing machine is a great way to build shoulder strength while giving the rotator cuff a break. I don’t know about you but this is a welcome change when the yardage gets to be in the 3000 and 4000 range.

  3. Rowing will strengthen the triceps, latissimus dorsi, and trapezius, rhomboids, biceps, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves during various stages of the row.

  4. Rowing is both cardio and strength training at the same time so it keeps your heart rate elevated engaging your muscles from head to toe in continuous movement.

So if you’re looking to change it up and get a full body cardio and strength workout that will benefit your swim, I highly suggest the rowing machine!

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